Get your secret campfire here

secret campfire is a free tumblr replacement made by/for tumblr refugees with a few twists:

How is secret campfire different?

secret campfire way
secret campfire way: your site is 100% yours and you connect to other secret campfires directly in your secret network. It takes a few extra minutes to set up, but once online you're free to express yourself, your sites live forever and no one can shut you down.
Evil way
Old way: you make an account on their site... then they own your account and you become a slave to their site. If your tumblr was murdered by their recent NSFW ban like us, you know this pain. This old way might be easier to set up, but when you use someone else's site you're always in danger of getting censored, banned & deleted.

How to get your own secret campfire

Option 1: Do-it-yourself. Follow these steps to set up your free secret campfire.

Option 2: We'll host it for you! For an official secret campfire on, email We'll set up your new home, import your Tumblr blog and give you free lifetime hosting for a one-time fee of $5. Hurry before your favorite name gets taken by someone else!